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  • CLOSURE WIG: A closure lace is a soft net material with knotted strands to imitate a natural hairline and scalp. A closure usually measures 4x4 or 5x5 6x6 0r 7x7 inches. This wig style is highly recommended for first time wig wearers and those with little to no experience on lace. it is low maintenance and easy to style.


  • FRONTAL WIG: A frontal is a wider version of a closure that measures from ear to ear. A frontal usually measures 13x4 or 13x6 inches. It has a natural hairline illusion and ideal for clients who particularly like the hairline illusion effect.


  • ELASTIC BAND METHOD: This is also known as a glueless where the band secures both sides of a frontal or closure to the wig cap for a firm fit. The sides of the frontal is pulled to fall behind the ear at an angle so the frontal sits on the hairline like an extended closure. For some, your side burns might show a little but this is not a problem as it can easily be blended in.


  • GLUE/TAPE/GEL/SPRAY METHOD: If you are looking for that melted, seamlessly, natural hairline illusion look, this si the wig to go for. This method can cover 100% of your hairline.

  • DOUBLE DRAWN (SEMI & FULL): This is when the hair bundles are thick from top to bottom to provide a fuller textured hair. Semi double drawn is not as thick and full as the Full double drawn but they are much fuller and thicker than your standard everyday bundles, which we call Single drawn. 90% of JOBELLE UNITS are made using Semi and Full double drawn hair density.

  • SINGLE DRAWN: This is when the hair bundle is slightly thick on top and fairly thin on the bottom, it mimics a natural hair density. This option is ideal for clients looking for a more natural look.


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Brand owner is JOBELLE who has business partners in China and India. 90% of the products we use in our everyday life, is made in China, spanning from clothes, shoes, accessories and electronics and more. This information is for the sake of complete transparency and let you all in on the tea from what most companies keep from you.I

Hair extensions are manufactured from real human hair and the donors exchange their beautiful locks for money.We sell virgin/raw asian hair with the highest grade. Over the years we have built a solid relationship with our hair vendors and they let us in on a little secret. 90% of human hair comes from China and India only!

Many suppliers play on your knowledge and trick you into believing they "Brazilian, Cambodia, Malaysian, or Peruvian" hair extensions. The truth? they are just marketing strategies. We pride our business on integrity and would not mislead you, you deserve our transparency. 

Our hair extension is sourced directly from China & India, where most big business owners have hair suppliers. There are different grades of hair that is why you see some very cheap and other ultimately depends on quality and JOBELLE only stocks up on the highest grade/quality. There is Good hair & Bad hair, don't be tricked into believing because its sourced from a certain country means its automatically bad. 

Who needs a wig or human extensions? a wide range of women with individual reasons. Some like to switch up their looks, others use it a s a protective style and some it's due to medical reasons. If you invest in good quality hair, you are sure to enjoy longevity and durability when its properly cared for. For tips on hair care, check out our 'Hair Care' section. 

DISCLAIMER: We don't affiliate with Aliexpress or any middle man when sourcing hair extensions. We source our hair extensions directly from a factory that customizes everything according to our specifications. We have done extensive research and tested our products to supply the best quality. If you are not fully equipped with the knowledge on hair care, we can not be held liable as we have provided detailed information on how to care for your unit.