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hair care tips

Hair Care instructions:


  • Wash & condition hair weekly with lukewarm water.

  • Avoid Shampoos/ Conditioners with sulfate.

  • Use Purple shampoo & Conditioner for light colored hairs or shampoos/conditioners specially made for light colored hairs. This helps to preserve hair color longterm and prevents color from turning brassy.

  • Hair can be colored, not too frequently and best done by a professional.

  • Air drying your hair is best.

  • Brush/detangle hair everyday, before washing and never when wet. Brush from tip to top gently.

  • Avoid using too many products especially oil/grease.

  • Use heat protectant especially with colored hair.

  • When not in use, store in your JB bag or any good storage bag. Never leave out for too long to avoid dirt/dust build up.

  • For curly units, make sure to always detangle with paddle brush, water, leave-in-conditioner and a mousse. This helps to lock in moisture and define curls. Finish it up with a serum, recommended John Frieda Frizz ease.

  • Be very gentle when handling your lace unit, brush/comb gently, always clean up glue/gel/spray off the lace after each wear. This allows for longevity and durability of your lace unit.

  • To get a perfect skin tone match of your lace, its best to use a Lace Tint.